Square Shaped Wall Stickers

When it comes to decorating your Child’s room or nursery don’t be square…or literally do be square with our latest addition to our wall stickers shapes.

I’m not sure why we have only just introduced this shape to our collection but it’s already become one of my favourite shapes to work with.

I just love how effective they look when applied in a scattered way on the wall, I find the stickers which you can apply free hand with no measuring look the most effective and are super easy to apply. You could even let the Children help.

The look on this photo has been achieved by using the small squares in matt black. They also come in an extra small size.

All our stickers come in a choice of 22 colours & with a matt or gloss finish and in two sizes.

Both the matt & gloss finish look amazing when on the wall, because we precision cut all our stickers once they are applied to the wall they have a painted on effect as there’s no clear edging like there is on printed wall stickers.

We’ve yet to add these to our website but you can purchase them through our etsy store.

Jen x


Rainbow wall sprinkles


We’ve not seen many real rainbows of late but have you seen our gorgeous rainbow coloured wall sprinkles?

This super cute play room belongs to my_persimmon_home over on Instagram

Playrooms are such a great space to keep the Children’s toys all in one place and be able to shut the door behind you and the mountains of lego, cars and boxes of odds and sods pieces that you don’t really know where they come from but as soon as you bin it / give it away you can 100% guarantee your toddler will be adamant on finding it again and won’t rest until literally EVERY toy box has been ransacked! (yes I am speaking from experience)

These sprinkle stickers come in more colours and I personally think they are probably our easiest wall sticker to apply but the ones that have the best effect. We do the in candy colours and single colours too so there’s a colour option for everyone to match every room theme possible.

Each set contains 5 colours / 30 of each colour (pack of 150) and measures 6cm x 1.5cm



Order yours today here 




Jen x


Cactus Wall Stickers


Well we’ve certainly had some gorgeous Summer days haven’t we over the past few weeks, it’s been so nice I’ve not had time to do any blogs (well that’s my latest excuse)

With Summer in mind have you seen our new (ish) cactus shaped wall stickers. We launched these a few months back along side some teepee and arrow wall stickers, they can be purchased all together as part of a tribal set or in their own sets. They’ve been a great success and look amazing on your little adventurers walls.

We were tagged in this super stylish photo over on Instagram by social media influencer and content creator @la_sidhu who (who has also been nominated for the UK Interior Awards,) go and check out her amazing account.

She has used our cactus wall stickers in grey to up cycle her boring dressing room wall and don’t they do just that that.

By name we are Kiddy Sticks and the majority of our sales are for Children’s rooms, nurseries and playrooms but that doesn’t mean the adults can’t have some fun with their walls too.

Our wall stickers are so easy to apply you just peel and stick! It’s as simple as that.

Cactus stickers are available in 22 colours, 6 with a matt finish and 21 with a gloss finish, head over to our website and order yours today: www.kiddysticks.co.uk  

Postage is free for all UK deliveries and not only that, if you spend over £20 well give you 20% off your order.


Jen x




Extra Small Star Stickers

Following the success of our extra small polka dot stickers and extra small heart stickers, we have now launched extra small star stickers!

The extra small star sticker sizes are 2.9cm x 2.7cm and are available from £5 for a pack of 54 in the same colour. Don’t forget orders over £20 benefit from a 20% discount.

Take a look at our star stickers page for more information, customer photos and testimonials.



Sprinkle Wall Stickers


It’s been while since I last did a proper blog… I suppose I have been on maternity leave, I’d love to be a Mummy blogger that’s able to have young children, document their life on instagram and still have time to blog but sadly something’s gotta give and it looks like I’ll not be keeping up with my once a month blog post promise… not just yet anyway.

With a new baby in tow and and our house on the market there’s not really much I can do decorating wise but as soon as we move I’ll definitely be taking some inspiration from our amazingly creative customers and stealing their style.

How gorgeous are these room photos that were sent to us over on our instagram account.

The look has been achieved by using our sprinkle wall stickers in candy colours. We also make these in beautiful bright rainbow colours and if you’re a fan of just one colour we also sell them in singles colours. The black sprinkles are a particular popular shade for monochrome fans.

For just £14.95 you get 150, lovingly made to order sprinkle wall stickers. Purchase yours here and put a little sprinkle on your walls.

And if order before 2pm they’ll be shipped out to you the same day via 1st class signed for postage… oh and did I mention that ALL Uk postage is FREE!



Jen x


Manc Mamas Instagram Takeover


Last Tuesday I took over the Manc Mamas instagram and facebook accounts for the day.

It was so much fun and in preparing for the takeover it made me get a little bit organised, something I struggle with. I usually rush though the office door reply to a few emails, do my orders and go to the post office! I really am going to try to make more of an effort to be more active on social media! Because not only can I share some lovely photos that our customers send in I actually get to reach out and chat to my customers which is greta.

Incase you missed the takeover you can check it out on the man mamas instagram account here: manc mamas

Here’s the blog that I  wrote for their website with a little bit of info about me & Kiddy Sticks:



I’m Jenny, the face behind Kiddy Sticks, busy Mum of one little boy with another on the way, wife and business partner to Mr H and carer of two little Cats!
I hope you enjoy my #TakeoverTuesday over on the fantastic Manc Mamas Instagram account. 


I spent 15 years working within the beauty industry working in salons. I was the manager for well known make-up and cosmetic brands, I worked as a technician in my local college, I then became an NVQ assessor and eventually teaching beauty therapy and working towards my teaching degree. My last job was in Manchester city centre working for a private beauty therapy college and to say I hated it would be an understatement. 
At the same time of this my husband was running his own business: Capture Design and was feeling the strain of lone working – we needed another person in the business. I wanted that job but I couldn’t take the leap from a full time, well paid career into the family business… I was too scared and financially frightened to death of doing so. 
Eventually I was made redundant in August 2012… I couldn’t contain my happiness at the news. Thankfully I was out of a workplace I despised with some redundancy pay, albeit not a massive amount by any means but enough to allow me to work alongside my husband for a few weeks to see how it went. 
We gave ourselves 3 months of working together, that was back in 2012 and we’re still working together nearly 6 years later. It’s not for everyone working with their Husband but it works well for us and even more so since starting a family in 2104. 
With our business Capture Design we mainly concentrate on working with businesses to create them a brand, build websites, design / print and also signage and vehicle graphics. 
It’s the signage part that I enjoyed the most and realised we could turn into something I could concentre more on. So, with that I started my own business called Against The Wall Vinyl Stickers in 2013, I made lots of different kinds of wall stickers from business, vehicles, quotes and children stickers. But something wasn’t quite right. 
It was after a meeting with a businesses adviser later that year I decided to concentrate on one area of the business which was the best selling one and I enjoyed the most which was children’s interior design. A couple of months later I re-branded as Kiddy Sticks and about 12 months after that my first son Harry was born. 
A little bit bit about Kiddy Sticks: we are passionate about children’s interior design and décor. We found that there’s a real shortage of modern but child friendly interior design in the UK which had a cool and unique feel to it but was also age appropriate – not too babyish but not too grown up. We wanted something that was just right – a bit like Goldie locks you could say! So with this in mind and a background in design, Kiddy Sticks was born.
We want your mini-me’s to have a cool and modern interior style that will grow with them and for their individual personalities and interests to shine through in our quirky and fun wall stickers as apposed to having their bedroom covered from top to bottom in one pattern or their flavour of the month favourite cartoon character.
We all know how fickle children are and can change their minds about who they like best.. Peppa, Thomas or Mr Tumble.
We wanted a product that would fit in and alongside their interests but if they did change their minds you would only have to replace your duvet cover / accessories and not completely re-decorate!
With Kiddy Sticks you get a great quality product that has been lovingly designed and manufactured here in the UK. They are mess free and easy to apply, you could almost say child’s play!
Our designs are current, quirky and available in many colours and sizes to suit you. They are cheaper than a roll of wallpaper.
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, if you want to keep up to date with our going ons you can follow us on: 
Instagram: Kiddy Sticks
facebook: Kiddy Sticks Uk
Thanks, Jen x





Well it’s October and another month has passed since I last updated this blog…clearly not keeping to my new promise of doing at least two a month, but hey-ho.

We’re in full Autumnal mode here at kiddy Sticks H.Q, the heating’s on, the candles are lit of an evening and I’ve even dug my wooly hat out!

But if you’re not a big Autunm / Winter fan like myself you can still add a sprinkling of Summer to your walls with these gorgeous, sweet coloured sprinkle shaped wall stickers we sell.

We design, make and distribute all our wall stickers from our studio in Minrow, Rochdale which is just on the outskirts of Manchester.

We’ve shipped them all around the UK and worldwide, here are just a few of the countries that now have homes with our sprinkle wall stickers adorning their rooms: Uk, U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Israel, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Ireland and Italy…good taste in design has no boundaries.

The reviews from our lovely customers always make us happy too, here’re just a few snippets of what people are saying about them…

“So cute, love these 😝 so cute and colourful added that fun finishing touch I was after for my little girls pastel theme room many thanks”

“Thank you! I love our sprinkle wall stickers and can’t wait to surprise our little girl with her pretty new bedroom”

 “Very pleased with item as described top seller fast postage”

“Beautiful sprinkles at a fantastic price!! Very happy! Received them promptly too! Thank you”

“Brilliant little decoration stickers, would recommend”

We only launched these cute wall stickers back in May this year and already they are in our top 5 selling designs.

With 150 stickers in each set (mint, pale pink, yellow, light blue, lilac) 30 of each colour you will have plenty of sprinkles to fill a full wall with these pretty little wall stickers, all for under £15.00

These Sprinkle shaped wall stickers will transform any boring looking room into a super cute room within a matter of moments.

You can order yours today directly from us and if you order before 2pm they’ll be shipped out to you the same day via 1st class signed for postage…oh and did I mention that ALL Uk postage is FREE!

Click here to purchase yours

Jen x